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The Center


The Big Data Analytics Center (BDAC) is an interdisciplinary center set up under the aegis of the School of Natural Sciences (SoNS), Shiv Nadar University (SNU) in 2014. ‘Big Data’ refers to the collection of data sets whose scale, diversity and complexity require new architecture, techniques, algorithms and analysis to manage it, and extract value and hidden knowledge from it. Use of information has become central for the survival and development of the human race. Today we experience a true deluge of data which record and shape our lives, ranging from large global issues such as climate change to the smallest local problem such as controlling a thermostat. The critical screening and processing of Big Data has become a world-wide effort, requiring academic attention from diverse disciplines. The challenge is to develop theoretical and innovative scientific and technological solutions to cater to the needs of the industry, the society and the environment.

Given the wide gap between demand and supply of scientists, technologists and key experts in the domain of Data Analytics today, BDAC has initiated graduate (post-graduate diploma and Masters degree) programs to prepare the interested young minds for the academic analysis of such Big Data and its applications in the society today, from business concerns to social practices and cultural change.

The integrated model of BDAC provides a unique opportunity to young aspirants from different academic disciplines and executives from the corporate world to explore the possibilities of next generation solutions in the emerging discipline of Big Data Analytics.

In the view of ever more rapid technological developments in the digitalized world, with new solutions becoming obsolete every few years, the emphasis in our programs is to hone the ability to recognize, define and find solutions to such fundamental problems in an analytical way, to take a leading role in shaping the future society